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My name is Krystal Macdonald. I am a Wife, Mother and Restaurant Owner residing in Mesa, Arizona. I have many passions in life; being a mother, Vegan cooking and baking, eating, writing, reading, photography, travel – just to name a few. Fresh and Raw is my outlet for finding a balance between doing the things I love most and a place where I can share them with other like minded and aspiring individuals.

This site is also about building a community. There are so many wonderful individuals and small businesses out there who dedicate their lives to helping people understand the importance of food and its effects on our world, our environment, our culture, our lives, and our loved ones. Fresh and Raw is a place where I hope to support those individuals and foster their growth. With their influences our world will only become a better place for us all to live happier, healthier lives.

My husband and I have found ourselves as activists among this community and recognize the importance to change the direction we are headed in. As Residents and Restaurant owners in Mesa, we hope this is just the start our contribution to that change.

I see small change happening in a city with a need for healthier food options, choices and educational outlets. So far in our adventures we have had the opportunity to meet many individuals who’s stories have inspired us, influenced and enriched our lives in many ways.

I recognize that its not hard to become confused by the overwhelming amount of information out there about food. It is overwhelming, confusing, and conflicting. Why should what we eat be this complicated? I am hoping that Fresh and Raw will be a tool to simplify the chaos and provide a new perspective about why food, whole foods, should be taken seriously and why your choices should be important to you. Food matters. Ingredients matter. In a world of overwhelming research and influence backed by money and greed, you have to be the one to educate yourself and decide what the right choice is for you and loved ones. It is my hope that Fresh and Raw; my life experience and list of compiled resources will be a positive influence to those aspiring to lead, or currently leading healthier lifestyles with better food for us, our children and the world.

Join us on our journey. Join a community of people, particularly the local community of Arizona who care about food and health. Join a community of food activists, locavores, vegetarians, vegans and all who question what we feed ourselves and why.