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Photography by Adrian Lesoing Photography

Photography by Adrian Lesoing Photography

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Call us what you may… vegans, vegetarians, locavores, activists, hippies, etc. … but we never thought we would be where we are today.

We stumbled into this experience when we simply started asking questions. We considered what we found with open minds. The knowledge we’ve gained has grown into our passion and a way of life. While we don’t wish to nag or push anyone, we can’t know what we know about food, and our food system, and not try to raise some awareness about it.  Everything we have learned (and continue to learn) only makes us more engaged in our decisions about what we eat every day.  The decisions we make will only better our lives, our health, the people we love, our community… and possibly give our son a better world in which to grow.

There are so many types of diets out there, but “diet” is such a misconstrued word in our world

We consider ourselves Vegan but don’t feel we actually fit the category. So lets throw diets out all together and call it a way of life. We eat to be healthy and to feel good. We eat a whole foods, plant-based diet and are Vegan in every choice we make. The variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans are endless and they never makes for a boring or unsatisfactory meal. We are not deprived in any sense. We don’t follow charts or numbers or meal plans, just intuition and knowledge of the ingredients that go into our food. When picking out our food in the grocery store or at a restaurant we like to take certain things into account. Is it a whole food? Is it organic? Genetically modified? A substitute? What are in the ingredients and how many ingredients are listed?

There are so many things to consider and as you start to learn it may feel very overwhelming but as you continue to grow and educate yourself, it really becomes quite simple to understand. The transition from our old habits to our new way of life was monumental for us but also easier than we expected. After a just a few short months into our Vegan journey, the food we once loved just didn’t look good or taste good anymore.  As we started eating better our habits changed too. Our wasted vegetable scraps were no longer discarded food, they were soil for our new garden.

As our story and lives continue to evolve, so does our family and love of food. We are  proud parents of a two beautiful children and owners of The Cutting Board Bakery and Cafe in Mesa, Arizona. We have the amazing opportunity and an obligation to share our food and way of life with our community; to teach others about wholesome, nourishing food and what it means to be a happier, healthier person.

It may not seem like reading the labels on the back of every bag of food or jar matters, but it can have an enormous impact on your life. You read the labels on food boxes that make claims about being healthy, what’s one more step to the back of the box? We found ourself’s liking the challenge and feeling more rewarded after we’d eaten a meal than if we hadn’t paid attention to those things at all. It wasn’t so much about what we were eating, it was about what it was made of. It was like flipping a switch; once we knew where that fast food hamburger came from and how it was processed, we no longer wanted and part of where it came from and what it stood for. Our lives have changed only for the better since we started paying more attention to what was in our food. We are careful to give our body what it needs. Every meal is important to us and we always look forward to our next meal for the day.

It is one thing to be aware and not care; it is another to be ignorant and not care. You don’t have to live a life of uncertain health and fearing what the future might hold for you. What the earth provides for us was made to heal, protect, comfort, and nourish. Whether you agree or disagree, we think you’ll find some kind of truth and a new sense of freedom in just being aware of it all. A happy, healthy life starts at the cutting board.