The most important thing you can remember about eating right is to know where your food is coming from. It’s not just the foods you choose but the ingredients that food is made of.

The truth is, we don’t understand what goes into our food and it requires some effort on our part to figure it out. We have to be the one’s to educate ourselves; flip over that box and look up the ingredients or pick up a book and watch a documentary. Visit your local farmer’s market and not only will it inspire your cooking and dazzle your taste buds but you will rediscover a world of food long forgotten.

We have found the following list of resources and terminology to be the easiest place to start when beginning to understand the complex nature of food, different ways of eating, and what the most important things can be when shopping for and eating food.

The Cutting Board Resource Library

Books: Perspective You Can Buy

Documentaries: Visual Inspiration

Online Blogs: A Community Abroad

Family Planing and Woman’s Resources: It Starts with You