Books: Perspective you can buy

There are many days I look back on my memories of growing up on a farm and thank the world for that experience. As generations pass we become so far removed from our food we lose the value of what food really is and what it has become.

The truth is, we don’t understand what goes into our food and it requires some effort on our part to figure it out. Even with the first hand experience of raising and growing my own food as a child, I still lost the value and meaning of it in my younger adult life when I moved away and into the city.

The first book I read that changed my life was, The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. Since then I have read many books written by many people around food and the issues we are facing today; offering all perspectives and angles. It didn’t take me long to realize that something was wrong and if food was important to me I would have to be the one to educate myself.

Knowledge is power.

If you are a local Mesa resident, join the TCB Book Club! We read one book every month and then meet at the Cafe to discuss and exchange ideas and resources over coffee, tea and pastries!

Ppsst! If you don’t have time to read or simply don’t have the obsession of building a home library and inhaling the fresh pages of a new book every time you pick it up, get a book on tape and listen to it in the car on your commute or check this list of great documentaries.

For a full list of more amazing cookbooks or great reads visit, Fresh and Raw’s Amazon Wish List!