When Dreams Become Reality

It seems like just yesterday Sean and I were sitting in our favorite restaurant and nourishing ourselves with the seasons local and vegan fair.

We had just found Pomegranate Café and for us, it was heaven; every green veggie and every whole grain accompanied by pretty fruit and perfect little sunflower sprouts. The juices were vibrant in color and bursting with nature’s sweetest sugars.

We would sit for a long time nursing our drinks and admiring our food, how nice everyone was and reveled in the fact that with just this meal we felt … healed. Everything about the ingredients; everything about every plant, nut, or grain on our plates was pure nourishment. Pomegranate Café was opened by three generations of women who cared about their food and it was evident in the plating of their food and with every bite you took. Portions sizes were perfect and wasting was out of the question.

We had changed our lives 180 degrees, turning what we thought about food on its head. What we thought was food, wasn’t food.

This was. It inspired our cooking and left us longing for a restaurant of our own; with yellow walls and sunflowers gracing every table. The world needed more places like this. The world needed more nourishment. We longed to be doing for the world what they were doing for their customers.

Since those early days we have collected a archive of knowledge about food that we were shocked to find we never knew about – knowledge hidden from the world or turned a blind eye to. We sucked it down through a straw; we got our hands on documentaries and books and immersed ourselves in the local food community. We vowed never to shop at big supermarkets again, signed up for CSA programs, planted our own garden with heirloom seeds. As our food got better eating out of the house got harder. There aren’t very many people out there that understand what a whole foods plant based diet is. The more changes we made in our diet and our way of living the better we felt, physically and emotionally. But in the end we were still left feeling empty. Our passion was raging. We needed to show the world.

And here we stand today – amazingly (still unbelievably) on the verge of signing a contract for our own restaurant.

Somewhere in the years of dreaming about it and talking about it we decided it was time to go for it. It’s not easy to live in such a mainstream society that values money. Were we okay with risking our comfortable full time sources of income? We were okay with losing everything? Of the possibly of failing and ending up with nothing? In the end the answer was always yes. This way of life, this way of living, this community was worth all of it; for our own sanity and for the hope of a better future of food.


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